David B. Bracewell received his Ph.D. in Information Science and System Engineering from The University of Tokushima in 2007. His Ph.D. thesis was entitled “A Foundation for Japanese-English Cross-lingual Information Retrieval and knowledge Acquisition from News.” His Ph.D. work was the basis for the READING (Retrieving nEws Around the WorlD for dIscovery and kNowledge mininG) project which teamed the University of Tokushima with Falcon Corporation to create an automated news systems for the Asian region. While at the University of Tokushima, Dr. Bracewell taught courses on Information Retrieval and English for research. His research interests include natural language processing, information retrieval, machine learning, and evolutionary computing.

Dr. Bracewell ius currently employed as a Principal Scientist at Language Computer Corporation in Richardson, TX. While at LCC, Dr. Bracewell has lead a team of researchers and engineers in creating advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques for sociolinguistic analysis of discourse communicated in English, Chinese, and Arabic and was a key contributor on a project for the identification and interpretation of metaphor in English, Spanish, Russian, and Farsi.

Previously, Dr. Bracewell worked as a Data Scientist Team Lead at Grubhub where he lead the NLP efforts for the company. Dr. Bracewell was also previously the VP of Technology at Oculus360 in Addison, TX. Currently he is developing innovative natural language processing solutions to identify and understand customer perceptions about products, brands, and concepts.

From 2008 to 2011, Dr. Bracewell was employed as a Computer Scientist at General Electric Global Research in Niskayuna, NY. During his time there he led research and development on a number of systems for the analysis and analytics of discussions taking place over social media. Included in this was the development of WISDOM a tool for the retrieval and analysis of social media around analyst specified target concepts.